Expertise - Digital Manufacturing

SEGULA Technologies has broad experience simulating processes, from the study of the plant layout to the study of ergonomy, and also in robotics and process planification. Worldwide customers like Airbus, Mercedes, Renault, Gamesa, General Motors, CAF… rely on us.

Used to...

  • Validate the design integrity / assembly before proceeding to build without having to make expensive prototypes. 
  • Validate sequences of operations and design of tools. 
  • Identify anomalies in assemblies. 
  • Analyze several alternatives and determine which the best process of assembly / disassembly is. 
  • Visualize and validate assembly and disassembly processes. 
  • Analyze contacts and collisions.

Benefits of Digital Manufacturing

  • Eliminate cost of prototyping. 
  • Developing interactive product design and process. 
  • Knowing that you can and can not do 
  • Simulation reduces the cost of testing and iterative design errors. 
  • Identify in advance problems of productivity during product life cycle. 
  • Increase efficiency of communication between Product Engineer with customers, suppliers ... 
  • Validate design, production, manufacturing and maintainability 
  • Safer work environment, lower cost of operation ...


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