Business sectors - Railway

We work for the main companies in the railway sector in Spain, both in Technical Assistance and in projects carry out and managed in our offices. Main railway constructors such as CAF, TALGO, VOSSLOH and ALSTOM rely on our experience and good know-how of SEGULA Technologies team in Spain.

With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, we have a dedicated team of over 100 technicians to carry out projects in railway, working in 6 different areas:

  • Structures (Integral design of structures. Crash studies)
  • Interior design (Integral interior design. Conceptual design)
  • Electrical installations (Integral electric design. Wiring and diagram)
  • Mechanical installations (Integral design of installations below chassis)
  • Bogies (Collaborations)
  • Tooling (Key hand projects)

Other projects that we also perform in our offices are :

  • Design of external surfaces
  • Technical documentation. Maintenance manuals, Lists of components, Corrective actions.
  • Stress analysis and simulation by FEM.
  • Ergonomic studies

We additionally work in Technical Assistance in these areas :

  • Logic engineers
  • Software engineers
  • ERTMS/RAMS engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • CAD design engineers



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